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Illustration Club is an informal meet up for illustrators in Austin, and this group is open to all illustrators at any stage in their career.​


Each month, the Illustration Club will gather for a casual illustration assignment or prompt. We will then brainstorm, sketch thumbnails, get feedback and critiques, and design a illustration while hanging out with like-minded, creative people. This will give you an opportunity to discuss visual storytelling, ways to communicate ideas and tone, and work out compositions for a narrative illustrative piece.


​Use #IlluClubATX to share your process and final project!



On the day of the meet up, a printed or digital illustration will be handed out to everyone to finish. You can either choose a color palette you have been wanting to master, to practice using the pre-chosen palette for the project. Use this time to think about values, light and shadows, and overall mood of the illustration. What time or where place will your illustration end up being? At any time, you can connect with other illustrators for opinions and feedback.

At the end of our meetup, we can then share our finished (or nearly finished) colored in illustrations! Use this time to learn new or different ways you could better achieve the effect you hoped for. Ask questions and chat materials used.

Use #IlluClubATX to post process photos and final work, and continue the conversation with fellow illustrators!

Choose a subject


Choose a palette

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