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Odd Bodies: Much Needed Exercise

I had started Tom Froese's Odd Bodies Skillshare class with the intention of to make it apart of my #100daysoflearning project which turned out to be about... um, 7 days of learning total, but I am so happy that I started with this class and with what I learned.

It is so easy to get stuck on how good or practical or "realistic" something is suppose to look, so this was a much needed exercise to remember to have fun and just get creative again. It was surprisingly difficult for me to just let go of what my brain was telling me what was right and wrong and how it should look, but once I started drawing without references it seemed to have gotten a little better.

Sketch of Photographers in strange poses
Some photographers will do anything to get the shot, even some light yoga.

Sketch of bowler.
Fanciful bowler.

I did a lot of quick sketches with a lot of very odd shapes in hopes of forcing myself to loosen up more in this project. I told my husband the idea behind the exercise and had him create the shape for me instead of allowing myself to subconsciously draw an easier, more body-friendly shape, and he made it quite challenging at times.

Sketches of people in odd shapes.
Same shapes, different odd bodies.

The last exercise was also a little tough since I had not ever used Photoshop to build and finish an illustration before, so I look forward to 1) taking Tom Froese's other Inky classes to learn more and 2) implementing what I did learn into more future projects (practice makes... not such sloppy work). This guy is not finished, but it was fun whipping out some ink and creating textures to be used for this exercise.


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